BJP to besiege the CM house in Bhopal against the mayor election

Jabalpur. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has formulated a continuous movement of protests against the state government, is now preparing to besiege the CM House. BJP state president Rakesh Singh has announced this new movement of the party. Rakesh Singh says that soon the workers led by all BJP veterans will unite in the capital Bhopal and will encircle the CM house. After the farmers’ problem, in the next movement, the BJP is going to besiege the CM house against the mayor election and manipulative politics indirectly. Rakesh Singh, who met journalists in Jabalpur, new Announcing the movement, he said that the party is preparing a roadmap to make this movement a success, the date of which will also be fixed soon. Rakesh Singh alleged that the state government, without worrying about public sentiments, has decided to conduct the election of mayors through indirect system. The government is engaged in increasing the strength of its legislators only and only through manipulative politics. Rakesh Singh said that the Congress is playing with fire by saying that in the coming days the growth of its 2-3 MLAs. Rakesh Singh warned the government that its stakes may also be reversed as the BJP is united and the people are beginning to understand the politics of manipulations.

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